Item collection 266769 original Gallery hero 266769 original

3 Hooks, Key Rack, Key Holder, "Teapots"


Item collection 2182 original Gallery hero 2182 original

PinBoard/Notice Board/Memo/Pink 60's Retro Babe


Item collection 266787 original Gallery hero 266787 original

3 Hooks, Key Rack, Key Holder, "Road Trip USA"


Item collection 2470 original Gallery hero 2470 original

Pin Board/ Notice Boards/ Memo Boards/ Monopoly


Item collection 291564 original Gallery hero 291564 original

3 Hooks, Key Rack, Key Holder, "Candy Cupcakes"


Item collection 266799 original Gallery hero 266799 original

Pin Boards/Notice Boards/Memo/ "Pink Damask"


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Eternal Earth

Hi and Welcome,

Eternal Earth are passionate about bringing beautiful, fun & fabulous fabric covered notice boards to you.

We create themed boards that are a pracical place to keep all of your mail, letters, reminders even favourite photos. Just slide them under the ribbon.

This is our first collection of notice boards & we will be adding to them all the time.

If you are looking for a particular theme such as "Footballs" for a footballer, please let us know, and we can build a custom notice board for you.

Eternal Earth aim to bring you Fun & Pratical Notice Boards.

A great place to keep your reminders,lists & letters

Our boards are like ART and even look good when empty