Pin Board/ Notice Board/ Memo Board/ Chocolate Fairy Cakes

$26.99 USD


Product Description

Fabulous Unique Pinboard/Notice Board

"DesigneChocolate Fairy Cakes"

Size 48 x 29cm otherwise known as 19 x 11 1/2"

Fabric covered & lightlypadded to front & finished with ribbon & studwork

Just slide them under the ribbons Or pin directly to your board

Fully lined on reverse & ready to hang

A place to keep all your invitations/reminders/business cards & photo's

All our pinboards are ART & also look good when empty!

Brighten up your desk/kitchen/bedroom

Practical & fun

Treat yourself or someone you love

Layout of images may vary slightly as each board is unique

We have lots more, please visit our other Etsy listings

Thank you for looking

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Pin Board/ Notice Board/ Memo Board/ Chocolate Fairy Cakes Pin Board/ Notice Board/ Memo Board/ Chocolate Fairy Cakes

Eternal Earth

Hi and Welcome,

Eternal Earth are passionate about bringing beautiful, fun & fabulous fabric covered notice boards to you.

We create themed boards that are a pracical place to keep all of your mail, letters, reminders even favourite photos. Just slide them under the ribbon.

This is our first collection of notice boards & we will be adding to them all the time.

If you are looking for a particular theme such as "Footballs" for a footballer, please let us know, and we can build a custom notice board for you.

Eternal Earth aim to bring you Fun & Pratical Notice Boards.

A great place to keep your reminders,lists & letters

Our boards are like ART and even look good when empty